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Nearly york


The Band

Nearly York is a four piece alternative/pop band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Band members consist of Lucas Gienow, Brad Hartman, Jon Poorman and Chris Mundy. The band released their debut album in June 2018, with only one live show under their belts. They have since ramped up their live presence, playing shows in and around Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland. With a quickly expanding musical presence and ever-evolving live show, you’ll be seeing Nearly York soon enough at a venue near you!


Upcoming shows


Time alone

Nearly York’s debut album, Time Alone, is available now! Click below to listen to the album in its entirety, then connect with the band to let them know what you think!


nearly york live

See what Nearly York has to offer! Check out some videos of the guys playing live to see what they’re all about!




There’s no time for pause for Nearly York.
— LNP - Lancaster Online