Anthemic alternative rock meets the best of modern pop, from four down-to-earth guys with a “fans first mentality.”  There’s truly no time for pause with Nearly York.

Formed in 2018, the Lancaster-based alt/pop band has enjoyed rapid growth in the studio and on the road thanks to the band’s unique background in professional audio.  So far, Nearly York has released an 11-song LP and a single, with a new EP on the way in early 2020.   One year on the road has taken the group across Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, performing at colleges, festivals and popular music venues.  Captivating hooks heard in songs like “Everything” and the piano-driven “Stuck In These Ways” stand as a testament to Nearly York’s wide-ranging music-making ability.  Accented by contemporary tenor vocals and multi-instrumentalist band members, each song and show are unique but at the same time, unmistakably “Nearly York.”


Lucas Gienow

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Bradley Hartman

Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

Jonathan Poorman

Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

Christopher Mundy

Drums, Backing Vocals

“When we were deciding what direction we wanted to go in musically, we noticed that there were a lot of things about modern pop music that we wanted to break away from.  For our instrumentation, we want our records to sound like a band, with synths and other pop elements added in to compliment the sound, not take it over.  If the song can’t come across organic in a live environment, we don’t want to be a part of it.

We also noticed that the images portrayed by pop artists are trending towards superficial, unachieveable things.  We are a fun, loud and occasionally awkward group of guys.  To try and portray ourselves as something other than that would come across as inorganic.  Our favorite part of being in a band is connecting with fans through our music, and we want anyone who comes across us to feel like we want to speak with them.”

- Lucas Gienow